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Safyre Smooth, inspired by the actual blue sapphire gemstone.  When cut to its final form, it shows its quality and smoothness; hence the name Safyre Smooth”. Sapphire gemstones are known for their quality and symbolises loyalty and that’s what the Safyre Smooth brand is all about.  We specialise in laser hair removal, which is suitable for all hair and skin types: For light to darker skin tones, even from straight to curly hair. Our laser hair removal is safe and painless.  For the best results, we firstly recommend a consultation and depending on the main concern(s), treatments may vary between 8 to 10 sessions and which will depend on the body chemistry of each individual.

To our clients young and old you are welcome.  We aim to make you feel confident, well-groomed, stylish and sexy!  Stay Smooth. Safyre Smooth

We use the 808nm Diode Laser from Laser Lux which is fully inspected and FDA certified.




Who is Safyre Smooth?

The Face behind the scenes of Safyre Smooth, Sandra Vieira started her studies at Health Hive Academy in 2007 and obtained her qualifications in Holistic massage, Indian Head massage, Aroma therapy, Hot Stone therapy, Reflexology, Slimming, Health and Skincare in Somatology.  Graduating in 2009 with an ITEC and City & Guilds diploma which enabled her to travel the world on the Celebrity Cruise lines as a beauty therapist.  

With a passion for the beauty industry which has always been an interest, keeping up to date with the latest technology, various treatments and brands from around the world.  Where she is now a beauty specialist focusing on painless laser hair removal and skin care.  Now working at Safyre Smooth, she strives to provide results and quality services.



What Sets Safyre Smooth Apart?


Our Mother Nature Approved products are filled with enriched avocado which comes from the luscious orchards of South Africa; which is an all natural skin care range. The MicroSkin range is scientifically formulated to provide the most advanced care and rich nourishment to boost a healthy complexion. Avocado is known to be the best plant extract that perfectly gets absorbed by the skin and it is ideal for problematic and damaged skins. Hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin types.


Here at Safyre Smooth, we have your best interests at heart; joining you on your goals and personal journey to exceed on removing unwanted hair, smooth skin and best quality service.  To the ladies and the well groomed men, flawless skin, confidence and beauty is what we want you to feel.  We want you to Stay Sleek & Safyre Smooth with our professional laser hair removal and skin care services.





Safyre Smooth Hygiene is imperative! We Safyre Promise our clients that PPE (personal protective equipment) will be used at all times during our treatments. Peace of mind knowing that the necessary safety precautions will be implemented with the use of masks, gloves, glasses and disposable underwear (where and which is necessary). Equipment will be disinfected before and after each client. We will always ensure a fresh untouched disposable bed roll cover for each client.



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