PREPARATION IS KEY!  With our Painless Laser Lux Pro Hair Removal.

Please use this page as a guideline to prepare yourself Before and After treatment.  For Best Results the following Home Care Tips is Highly Recommended:


Before Treatment:

  • SHAVE/TRIM within 24-48 HRS prior to each Laser Hair Removal treatment, however NOT on the same day as your Laser treatment as it can create skin irritation!
    • HAIR shooting out of the skin prior to treatment is ideal.
    • HAIR NOT to be longer than 1mm!
    • FACIAL HAIR preferably to be trimmed.
    • BODY HAIR preferably to be freshly shaven prior treatment.
    • STOP any hair removal method such as Tweezing, Bleaching, Waxing, Threading, Epilation or the use of Depilatory agents (e.g. Veet) at least 6 weeks before your First Laser Session and throughout your Laser Journey going forward!
  • PRODUCTS must be removed prior to your Laser treatment such as lotions, make-up and deodorant.
  • WEAR comfortable loose fitting clothes on your Laser treatment day as this will allow easy access to treat the area, provide comfort and minimal irritation after treatment. 

After Treatment:

  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get the Resurfacing Balm from the Wesson Range as a post treatment throughout your Laser treatment.
    • This ultra-effective formulation has been recommended by oncologists and plastic surgeons. 
    • The formulation contains natural Phyto Extracts of Chamomile, Tea Tree and Jojoba to protect and promote healing of the skin.
    • Leaving the skin well nourished, soothing and adds comfort to the area worked on.
    • It can be used for many other purposes as well.  Perfect for nappy rash, after natural birth and after a C-section, eczema slow healing wounds, etc.
  • HOME CARE:  It is normal for the skin to become pink/red and irritated for a few hours; it is ideal to consider the Resurfacing Balm as your ‘Go-To After Care Treatment’ when necessary.
  • POP in an SPF50 sunscreen in your bag for your Laser treatment days.
  • EXFOLIATE gently 7 DAYS AFTER your Laser treatment to minimize the build up of dead skin cells causing ingrown hairs and embedded hairs – To ensure the hair is not trapped under the skin.  To ensure the hair is definitely targeted throughout your Laser Journey!
  • SHAVING / TRIMMING is encouraged during the course of your Laser Hair Removal Journey.



  • During the course of the laser hair removal treatment(s), it is imperative to wear an SPF 50, at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Protecting the skin over areas of the face and/or body where necessary.
    • It is extremely vital to prevent Hyper-Pigmentation from occurring especially when the skin is exposed to smartphones, computers, television screens and tablets on a regular basis. 
    • It plays a huge influence due to the Blue Light Screens causing UV damage, age spots, dark spots and reducing skin elasticity.
  •  It is imperative that recurring treatments are done as follows:
      • SMALL AREAS:  3-4 weeks 
      • BIG AREAS:  4-6 weeks 
  • Every individuals BODY HORMONAL CHEMISTRY and hair cycle length on the area treated is different.
    • In order for expected goals to be met, interval sessions are advised to be booked in advance to ensure availability and progress of Laser treatments.
  • AVERAGE amount of Laser treatments can take between 8-10 sessions or even more sessions as the face is a hormonal part of the body and the body that should be taken into consideration as every human body has a different story to tell.  Imbalances of hormones and medications play a huge role in hair growth.
  • To ACHIEVE the expected progress and results of unwanted hair, it is extremely important to ensure that frequent sessions are done.
    • Smaller parts of the face and body is advised between 3-4 weeks. 
    • Bigger parts of the body is advised between 4-6 weeks.
  • NEW MEDICATION / SUPPLEMENTS: To notify your Laser Technician of any new hormonal contraceptives, medications and/or supplements being used different from previous medication.
  • Any NEW DIAGNOSIS confirmed by your Family Doctor; to notify your Laser Technician.
  • ALLOW treated areas to shed naturally within 2-3 weeks after the procedure has been done; which should fall out on their own.
  • REMINDER: You may ONLY SHAVE and/or TRIM when necessary in between Laser sessions.


  • Should you NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE IT to your next Laser appointment:
    • Expected regrowth can occur on the area(s) being treated; when treatments are stretched out way too long as certain parts of the body grows faster than other areas!
    • SMALL AREAS:  3-4 weeks  Includes underarms, intimate region and face.
    • BIG AREAS:  4-6 weeks  Includes arms, legs, chest, and back.
  • AVOID alcohol or smoking the night before and on the day of the treatment.
  • DRINK at least 1 litre of water the day before and the day of treatment – this assists your body to regulate its temperature.
  • NO SUN exposure prior to treatment at least 4-6 weeks.
    • AVOID direct exposure to the sun after treatment as much as possible; even the moment you climb into your car after a Laser session!
    • The FACE in particular is exposed to the sun mostly. It is a non-negotiable; as pigmentation/dark spots can occur. 
    • A good Sunscreen of at least an SPF 50 will have to be your Best Friend throughout your Laser Journey! 
    • Ideally a Sunscreen should be worn EVERYDAY!
  • AVOID TANS:  Self-Tanning Creams, Spray Tans, Natural UV light Tans and Sunbed Tans need to be completely faded before treatment at least 5-6 weeks prior to treatment.
    • Fake tans can cause the skin to easily get a potential Laser burn with the Laser due to the fake tan pigment in the skin.
    • Notify your Laser Technician should you consider doing a spray tan for a special event; to advise accordingly.
  • AVOID scratching and picking at the area that has been treated.
  • AVOID any form of hair removal methods from the root of the hair! 
    • AVOID Tweezing, Bleaching, Waxing, Threading, Epilation or use of Depilatory Agents (e.g. Veet) as results will not be as effective.
    • Should you pick and pull hair from the treated areas; the Laser will not be effective.
  • NO Laser procedure will commence on Women that are trying to conceive, currently pregnant and/or breastfeeding as supplements and hormones cause hair to grow.
  • AVOID products applied to the skin prior to treatment.
    • Such as creams, deodorant and make-up.
    • Keep the skin clean and dry as it can affect to obstruct or refract the laser light negatively.   
  • AVOID anything that involves chlorine (e.g. swimming) for 48 HRS.
  • AVOID exercising for at least 48 HRS.
  • AVOID steam rooms, saunas and/or very hot water for 48 HRS after treatments as Laser Treatments use heat to destroy hair follicles, thus it can increase skin irritation.
  • AVOID INVASIVE TREATMENTS:  Chemical Peels, Micro-Dermabrasion, Plasma Infusion Facials and Micro-Needling.
    • Potential damage can occur should you undergo such treatments and not disclose with your Laser Technician of what you have recently done with your skin; as the skin needs time to recover from such invasive deep treatments.
    • This will cause a delay in your Laser Journey.  Laser treatments may only proceed 4 weeks after such an invasive treatment has been done.
  • AVOID numbing creams, not recommended for Laser Treatment.  Sensation needs to be determined to maximize results.
  • AVOID pain killers prior to a Laser treatment.
  • DISCLOSE MEDICATIONS such as Hydro-Cortisone, Accutane, Roaccutane, Oratane, Retinol, Retanyl, Differin, etc needs to be disclosed with your Laser technician. If not disclosed potential burns may occur.
  • Should you be currently taking Accutane prescribed medication, no procedure shall commence until medication has been stopped for 6 months and a written consent to be provided from your family doctor to proceed with procedure. 



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